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At Toyyibah Group, we create exceptional experiences and innovative solutions. From lively carnivals and vibrant festivals to bustling night markets and pioneering mining ventures, our passion for excellence drives us. Join us on a journey of growth and success.


About Us

Toyyibah group of companies was founded in 2005 to be a major player in the field of construction, mining, operator of car park facilities, organizer of events, it & network solutions, night market & bazaars. To date we have successfully organised and manage the biggest bazaar in asia for over 10 years from 2006-2016.

In our new phase of development, we are emabrking on a new aspect of our business capability and that is, to supply sand from Malaysia to our international client.


Our Achievement

We take pride in our milestones and accomplishments that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in Toyyibah Group. Explore our achievements and see how we’ve made an impact in our industry and community.

Our founder, Mohd Rustam, made a prestigious appearance on TV1 Selamat Pagi Malaysia, to eloquently discuss the groundbreaking initiative, Evolusi Bazar Malam.
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Our Business

What are we doing

KL Downtwon

A versatile company specializing in event management and social entrepreneurship. We organize engaging night markets, large-scale carnivals, and sports events that foster community spirit and support local businesses. Recognized globally with the 2007 Global Young Social Entrepreneur Award, we are committed to innovation and social impact. Our work has been showcased internationally, including presentations at social entrepreneurship forums in India and Bali. KLDowntown is dedicated to creating vibrant events that bring people together and promote positive community development.

Toyyibah Mining

A leading company in the mining industry, dedicated to the responsible extraction and processing of valuable minerals. Our operations focus on sustainable practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maximizing resource efficiency. We employ cutting-edge technology and adhere to strict safety standards to protect our workers and surrounding communities. Toyyibah Mining is committed to ethical practices, community development, and contributing to the economic growth of the regions in which we operate. Our mission is to deliver high-quality minerals while upholding the highest standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Incidunt laboriosam.

Agensi Pekerjaan Cambodia Worker & Maid

dedicated to providing reliable and skilled domestic workers from Cambodia. We focus on recruiting and training maids to ensure they meet high standards of professionalism and competence. Our comprehensive training programs equip workers with the necessary skills to perform household tasks efficiently and with care. Committed to ethical practices, we ensure fair treatment and support for our employees, fostering a positive work environment. Angency Maid Workers aims to deliver exceptional service to households, enhancing the quality of life for families while supporting the livelihoods of Cambodian workers.

Toyyibah Agriculture

Toyyibah Agriculture is a forward-thinking company dedicated to sustainable farming and agricultural innovation. We specialize in cultivating a diverse range of crops, including Beema bamboo, oil palm trees, Vanilla planifolia, and Moringa oleifera, using eco-friendly practices that promote soil health and biodiversity. By integrating modern agricultural technologies with traditional farming methods, we ensure efficient and sustainable production. Committed to supporting local communities, we provide training and resources to farmers, enhancing their productivity and livelihoods.

Toyyibah Construction

Toyyibah Construction is a leading construction company committed to delivering high-quality building projects with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and excellence. We specialize in a wide range of construction services, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Utilizing advanced construction techniques and materials, we ensure that our projects are durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to meeting client needs through meticulous planning, execution, and project management.

Asean Taste

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KL Carnival

KL Carnival is an innovative event organized with a unique concept where stalls are set up using containers and tents, providing a distinctive and engaging marketplace experience. As event organizers, we take care of all booth setup for vendors who have booked rental spaces, ensuring a hassle-free experience for sellers. In addition to the vibrant market atmosphere, KL Carnival features live performances by local artists, creating a lively and entertaining environment. We also host special events for motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers, offering them a platform to showcase their rides and connect with fellow riders. KL Carnival is designed to be a dynamic and inclusive event that brings together diverse groups for a memorable experience.

Our Group

Toyyibah Group

Toyyibah Group is a diverse collective excelling in event management, night markets, festivals, and mining ventures & many more. United by a commitment to innovation and excellence, our group transforms ideas into impactful experiences.

Toyyibah Group Of Company

Toyyibah Sagajaya Trading Sdn Bhd
Toyyibah Ventures Sdn Bhd
Toyyibah Holdings Sdn Bhd
Perniagaan Toyyibah Sdn Bhd
Toyyibah Park Management
Armada Bina Enterprise
Toyyibah Mining And Construction Works

KL Downtown

KL Downtown Holdings Sdn Bhd
KL Downtown Night Market Sdn Bhd

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